About Us

We all need to work together to ensure clean water for our families and our community. The Greener Neighborhoods Cleaner Streams program is a multigeneration education initiative that works with local residents in the City of Portland to help keep Capisic Brook clean!

Greener Neighborhoods Cleaner Streams is sponsored by the City of Portland and coordinated by the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District (CCSWCD). The program began in 2011 and continues to grow! For more information, call 207-892-4700 or shoot us an email.

Information about the exciting initiatives is available below. Each activity will include a way for the Capisic Brook community to get involved. Check back often to learn about events happening near you! 

Annual Green Neighbor Family Fest 

The City of Portland's Green Neighbor Family Fest brings families and community members together to take part in hands-on activities about water, learn steps to become a green neighbor, and have an all-around good time! Held in conjunction with the Urban Runoff 5K race and walk, this event kicks off the Greener Neighborhoods Cleaner Streams program each spring!

Youth YardScaping 

Since 2014, we have worked with Longfellow Elementary School to provide the Youth YardScaping program. CCSWCD educators work with students to research healthy lawn care practices, test their practices on a plot of grass on school grounds, and make a public presentation to family and friends about their lawn care recommendations.

Clean Water Stewards Program

CCSWCD is working with King Middle School to implement a Clean Water Stewards Program. Students will receive classroom lessons, conduct research at local streams or ponds, and implement a service project to help protect Portland's waterways. 

Story Walk at Hall Elementary School

CCSWCD Educators will work with teachers from the Many Rivers program at Hall Elementary School to provide students with clean water education lessons. Students will then apply their knowledge to develop a "story walk" along a portion of the Forest City Trail. The trail is located behind Hall School and runs next to Capisic Brook. The student's story and illustrations will be translated onto large signs and installed along the trail for all trail users to enjoy! 

Greener Neighborhoods Cleaner Streams c/o Cumberland County SWCD
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