About Capisic Brook

The properties inside the blue line drain to Capisic Brook.
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Do you live in the neighborhoods between I-95,  Warren Avenue, Stevens Avenue, or Brighton Avenue? Then the odds are good that the rainwater that lands on your yards winds up in Capisic Brook. Capisic Brook is one of the last remaining intact urban streams in the City of Portland. Cleaning up the brook is critical to the overall health of Capisic Pond, the Fore River, Portland Harbor, and Casco Bay. 

Here's the good news about Capisic Brook -- the City is wrapping up a 15 plus-year effort to eliminate sewer overflows into this stream.  This will go a long way towards reducing the amount of disease-causing germs in the water. 

Water that washes down storm drains flows directly
into the Brook without being cleaned.
But here's the bad news -- every time it rains, the water runoff washes trash, weed and bug killers, fertilizers, pet waste, metals, petroleum products, road salt and other nasty stuff into storm drains that dump this pollution right into the brook!

It will take neighbors working together to reduce the amount of polluted runoff that reaches the brook from these residential neighborhoods. That's what this website and the Greener Neighborhoods Cleaner Streams campaign are all about!