Thursday, March 29, 2018

March Brook Trout Update!

The Brook Trout eggs at Hall School are beginning to hatch, and we couldn't be more excited! The  students have been doing an awesome job raising the Brook Trout eggs, which first arrived in their classroom in mid-January. Check out the pictures below to see how the Brook Trout are developing from the eyed egg stage to alevin.

Top: Brook Trout late in the "eyed egg" stage of their life cycle, on the verge of hatching. At this point, you can see their bodies forming and eyes on either side. One of the trout is starting to emerge from its egg on (left hand side of photo).

Middle: A newly hatched Brook Trout in the "alevin" stage of their life cycle. After emerging from the egg, alevin look like tadpoles because of the yolk sac attached to their underside. This yolk sac provides the nutrition they need until they are strong enough to search for food.

Bottom: The top view of a newly hatched alevin and its yolk sac.

The students will release the trout in a local stream later this spring.