Monday, December 4, 2017

Education Programs Set for 2018!

Hall School students celebrate the end of their service project in 2017.
The new year is almost here, and we're super excited for the start of the Greener Neighborhoods Cleaner Streams' school programs! We're partnering with educators at the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District (CCSWCD) once again to bring clean water service learning programs to students at King Middle School, Longfellow Elementary School and the Many Rivers Program at Hall School. Check out what we have planned for each school:

  • King Middle School - Sixth grade students will take part in a Clean Water Stewards Service Learning Program. Students will receive classroom lessons, participate in field work at local streams or ponds, and implement a service project to help protect Portland's waterways.
  • Longfellow Elementary School - Fifth graders at Longfellow Elementary School will participate in the fourth year of the Youth YardScaping Program. Through the program, students will research healthy lawn care practices and their impact on our water resources, care for a section of the lawn in their school garden, and take a field trip to Capisic Pond Park. The program concludes at Longfellow's annual science fair, where the students will present their research to the community.
  • Many Rivers, Hall School - First and second grade students in Hall School's Many Rivers Program will participate in a Trout in the Classroom Program. The students will raise Brook Trout, while learning about their habitat, life cycle, and how their survival depends on clean water. In the spring, the students will release the trout into a local stream, after presenting what they've learned to friends and family.
Longfellow Elementary School students care for their test plot as part of the
2016-2017 Youth YardScaping Program