Thursday, May 31, 2012

Get rewarded for making healthy lawn care choices!

Every time it rains, pollution washes off the land and into local streams and Casco Bay. Even things we put on our properties can dirty our water. 

Lawn care products, for example, are a major pollutant of Southern Maine's lakes, rivers, streams and Casco Bay. Fertilizers add excess nutrients that can lead to algal blooms. Weed and bug killers are toxic to animals that live in fresh water and oceans.

When you reduce your use of fertilizers and weed and bug killers, you're doing your part to help clean up neighborhood streams, Capisic Pond and Casco Bay! The City of Portland wants to thank you for your efforts! For a limited time, when you spend $15 on healthy lawn care products we'll send you a free roll of City trash bags*!

Visit the rebates page for more information.

*Limit one roll of bags per household; property must drain to Capisic Brook.